Tuesday 5 September 2017

The Ordinary Foundations | Are They Worth The Hype ?

Okay so today's blog post is going to be long one, so get a cuppa and get comfy. So we have all heard about the Ordinary they are really smashing the beauty world, so when they released foundations everyone wanted to get hold of them, and of course I was one of them. Basically today's post is going to be all about the foundations.

Getting hold of these foundations:
Okay I waited for the 'hype' to die before doing my order because there was a waiting list, when I noticed it died down and the delivery was just a normal 3-5 days. I did my order....a MONTH later.. yes a MONTH, they turned up, I was in contact with them for ages basically they didn't let me know that one of the foundations was out on stock...moving on they turned up. Now you can get these foundations on ASOS.

The Shade Range:

Really good shade range, with different undertones i.e pink, neutral and yellow and from fair to deep. Couldn't fault their shade range.

There's two foundations the serum and the coverage as the name's suggest one is more lighter than the over.

The Packaging
The packaging is very light it doesn't even feel like there's anything in their.
So it's a plastic bottle, very small so perfect for travelling and also comes with a matte black pump. 
The packaging I couldn't fault.

So the shade I bought was 1.1 neutral, great colour match. So I tried this product using a brush, fingers and beauty sponge, so let's see how I got on. 

Brush application: only 2 pumps needed, blends evenly but the skin has to be moisturised otherwise it looks very dry but a good coverage. 

Beauty Sponge: The sponge doesn't soak much product up, but it just doesn't blend well using the beauty sponge is looks patchy

Fingers: It wasn't awful but the brush did apply the foundation better.

Okay overall this serum foundation has good coverage but I look dry and matte when using this foundation so because of that it's not for me.

Beauty sponge application.
Finger application but look so matte

Just like the serum I have it in the same shade as the serum 1.1 neutral, it is also a good colour match. Also just like the serum I tried this foundation using the brush, sponge and fingers.

Brush: Awful.... I was putting this on before going out and I just wanted to take if off but didn't have time so I just had to look like a mess. At first I thought it was the primer I used but it is just the foundation. 

Beauty Sponge: So after the disaster of the brush application I wanted to of course try and find away to use it! Well yet again it was awful it went so patchy and I had to remove my foundations it was awful. 
Brush application, as you can see where it has faded my t-zone

The time I had to remove the foundation as you can see how patchy it is

so awful

it's rolling!

Fingers: I gave up I really couldn't get this foundation to work so I didn't even bother testing it out with fingers. I'm sorry guys!

Okay overall it's awful I really wouldn't recommend this foundation, it went patchy straight away! It rolled around on the skin, it got in all the lines and went disgusting. 

I wanted to love these foundations especially for the amazing price £5.00!!! And after the whole delivery problem I wanted to love them even more but I just couldn't get them to work with my skin, I tried loads of ways and moisturisers/primers but I just couldn't. So because of this I wouldn't recommend this foundations, it's not worth the hassle and not worth the hype. I'm gutted as I love all the ordinary products i've tried just not these! Stick at skincare Ordinary. 

Have you tried this products?

Thank you for reading


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