Sunday 3 September 2017

Skincare Sunday | B. Blemish Night Serum

Well were in September but it's felt like autumn since the beginning of August in my opinion, that's what happens when you live in the UK. Let's get on with today's skincare Sunday. 

Product Claim
So what does this product claim to do? 'Wake up to a soft, replenished complexion with the ultimate ‘Beauty Sleep’ for your skin. 12-hour moisturisation.' (source Superdrug) 
£9.49 for 30ml

Basic packaging but has got a pump, so can't complain

Cruelty free? 
Cruelty free, certified 

Suitable for?
I would say this is suitable for most skin types

Thin formula, tiny bit runny.

How to use
I use this product after my facial mist. 

Overall Opinion:
Overall I feel like this is a meh product because it hasn't done anything for me, packaging is basic but has got a pump! There is a scent but I can't put my finger on it, it sinks in straight away, it is hydrating and it last's for a long time but I just haven't noticed anything with my skin so I wouldn't be repurchasing it or recommend it.

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