Friday 31 July 2015

July Favourites

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Good Morning lovelies!

I can't believe July is nearly over, where has this month gone! So for this week's post I thought I would go through everything I have been loving throughout the month of July.

Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser

This month I have purchased a new morning cleanser as I finished my Oskia renaissance cleansing gel which has a high price tag of £28.00 and being a student this  takes chunk out of my bank, so I was on the hunt for a more affordable morning cleanser, this is when I came across the Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser which is only £12 and you can get it in boots. The Avene cleanser is the exact same formula as the Oskia one the only difference is the ingredients in both of them. The oskia one has less 'harsh' chemicals than the Avene.  So moving onto why this product is actually a favourite and thats because it leaves my skin the exact same feeling that the oskia one did but i'm saving £16.00, the other reason why I love this product is because it comes with a pump! I love products that come with pumps as it's just more hygienic. The product itself is a light pinky/white colour, I pump it into my hands and rub it all over my face, splash with some water and wipe it off with a warm flannel and it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean ready to apply the rest of my skincare and makeup. I would highly recommend this product if you are looking for an affordable cleanser.

The Body Shop- Sweet Lemon Range

So this month for my body I am loving The Body Shop's sweet lemon range and particularly loving the body butter and sugar body scrub. I don't think there isn't a range in the body shop that I don't love. The scent of both the body butter and scrub isn't overly powerful, it just leaves your body with a lovely hint of lemon scent which is obviously like the name suggests sweet. The body butter is very creamy and is easily absorbed by the skin, perfect if your in a rush, and the body sugar scrub is a personal favourite because i'm a massive fan of body scrubs anyway but my favourite is the sugar scrubs because I feel they exfoliate my skin better, and this scrub is lovely because it exfoliates but isn't harsh, it leaves my skin very smooth. If your looking for a new range to try in The Body Shop I would recommend giving this range a go.

John Frieda Beach blonde range

It's very rare I find a shampoo and conditioner that I love and this month I have love using the John Frieda Beach Blonde range. There is the Cool dip purifying shampoo and the smooth seas detangling conditioner, I also believe that there is a hair mask in this range too but haven't tried as my hair doesn't need hair masks. Both of these products have a lovely mint scent which I find is very relaxing when I'm washing my hair, the shampoo is a gel texture which is unusual but leaves my hair feeling super clean but not stripped from it's natural oils and for the conditioner is very creamy and rub it into the length of my hair and leave it for about a minute, then wash it out, it leaves the length of my hair silky smooth. If your looking for a new shampoo and conditioner to try would definitely say give this a go.

Clothing- Moto Authentic Ripped Skinny Jeans

So if you've seen last's week's blogpost you would of seen that I took a risk in my style as I bought  a pair of ripped jeans and well they are a success because I'm aboustley obsessed, they go with everything and they are super comfy! If you want to see my full review of these jeans, i'll leave the link below.


So this month I have been loving three songs, they are:

  • Shut up and dance by Walk The Moon

  • Show me love by Sam Feldt

  • Wings by Birdy

TV Shows

This month I have been working a lot so I don't have much time to sit down and watch tv but when I do it is always Orange is the new Black, which is a Netflix Tv series, I am a little behind than most people who are watching it but I love it, I have been telling everyone to watch this and now i'm telling you if you haven't seen the series, then where have you been it's amazing!


And lastly for my favourite App this month it has to be Pinterest, I am constantly on it, so if you've got Pinterest then follow me at hannahejarv1153.

Thank you for reading! Hope you've had a lovely July!



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