Friday 15 April 2016

Are they worth it? Zoeva brushes

Today's post is another 'is it/are they worth it?' but today i'm going to be telling you whether Zoeva brushes are worth it. I have 4 Zoeva brushes in total but definitely want more (clue), I have two face brushes and two eye brushes; 102 silk finish brush, 110 face shape brush, 227 soft definer and lastly 320 smoky liner.

I bought my first ever Zoeva brush when I was in Germany with college and that brush was 227 soft definer and ever since I wanted more, then finally this year mum went and bought me three more to add to my collection.

Zoeva is a German beauty company when I first bought my first brush from them, they only made brushes but now they have a whole makeup line too. You can purchase Zoeva products from their own website (they ship internationally) or on Beauty bay.

Starting with face brushes: 102 silk finish brush is a buffing brush brilliant for buffing foundation or any product into the skin. This is one of the brushes I use when I don't use my beauty blender for foundation, it makes foundation look flawless but definitely apply a small amount of product buff into the skin then go back in with more product, if you apply loads of product at once then it can look a little cakey but this is a tip when using any brush/product. Also this is one of famous Zoeva brushes in the blogging/beauty community. This brush retails for £13.00 which is a brilliant price for the quality.
Moving onto the second face brush which is 110 face shape brush this is a smaller version of the 102 silk finish brush, I love this brush for two reasons the first being for concealer around my nose or under my eyes as it fits well under the eye area but secondly for contouring, it's the right size for me to use as a contour brush as I don't like a harsh line when contouring so this brush just adds the right amount. Again this is also another famous Zoeva brush in the blogging/beauty community. This brush retails for £11.00.

Moving onto eyes the first brush being the first brush I ever bought from Zoeva the 227 soft definer. This brush is amazing for either applying colour to the lid and/or blending the colour out yes it says definer but because the brush is that soft it does a brilliant job of blending out colour. Every time I do an eye look I use this brush every time. This brush isn't talked about as much but it is still well loved. This brush retails for £9.00.

Last brush I will be talking about is the 320 smoky liner brush. This brush is like a mini pencil brush perfect for smoking out liner or applying product underneath the eye. This brush gets so much use but isn't one that is talked about much, it is definitely worth checking out as it only retails for £8.00.

Vegan: Yes!

Cruelty Free: Yes!

I love all of my Zoeva brushes and I definitely will be adding more to my brush collection. They are such good quality and do a range of brushes and sets which are gorgeous (there rose gold sets are just to die for ), these brushes also wash so well they don't loose their shape or their quality. These brushes are definitely worth the hype because they are amazing!

What's your favourite Zoeva brush/product?

Thanks for reading!



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