Friday 18 March 2016

What I do in Uni

I have a lot of questions about what I do in university so I thought for today's post I would cover that topic.

What Subject do I study? I study a BA business degree in Hospitality, Tourism and Events Management.

What Year i'm I in? I am in my first year of uni, and it's gone so fast.

Where do I study?  I study in Glyndwr University, which is in my hometown.

Do I live in student accommodation or live at home? I live at home, the reason I chose to stay a home and study in my hometown is because if I moved away to study I would have to give a lot up, like my job, my car and also i'm in a relationship so it's just all round easier for me to study at home.

Do I like my course? There are some  aspects to my that i'm not a huge fan of, but I am enjoying it and learning a lot especially for the marketing side!

Assignments: Assignments are tricky but once you get the hang of how each lecturer wants it laid out and what to include then they start to become straight forward, my tip would be to do a planning sheet with different headings then start the assignment from there. Also give yourself plenty of time I left one of my assignments to the night before I got stressed out so stopped doing it, when I woke I remembered it was due in that day so really I did it on the day it was due in, some how I passed but wouldn't recommend doing that. I was thinking of doing a post on assignments if you are interested?

If there are any other questions you would like me to answer about university then, just contact me!

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