Friday 8 September 2017

Urban Decay Naked Heat (Review & Swatches)

Have you heard that Urban Decay have released a new naked palette? No ? Where have you been!! Well i'm guessing the majority of us have. I was eying up the palette then a couple of Sunday's back Paul turned up with the palette!!! YES I KNOW major brownie points for him. So we all know what today's post is going to be? A swatch and review.

Okay it's typical Urban Decay price tag £39

Where to buy
Any Urban Decay stock holder

Okay this is when people go out into a rant because they're not a fan of the packing, personally I don't think it's awful, I don't think it would be travel friendly packaging as I do feel like it could break easily but it still feels heavy. Obviously they've gone for 'heat' colours which that doesn't bother me. The packaging is magnetic which i've just found out right now writing this post as a bobby pin has got stuck in it.

I love the formula of this palette, I know everyone goes on about how good the quality of the Urban decay shadows but this is the only naked palette i've got as the other urban decay palette i've got is the Gwen Stefani palette which the shadows are not the same quality as this one. The formula is very smooth, blends like a dream, there's a little bit of fall out but it's only on a few of the shimmer shades because they're a bit powdery but good powdery as the pigmentation is in sane!

Shade range
Okay obviously the shade range is very autumnal colours with beautiful warm tone browns, deep reds, couple of purples but mainly browns/oranges. There's 8 matte shades and 4 shimmer shades. LOVE the colours. Something I will add which doesn't bother me but could bother some other people, is that they don't have a black shade but I never use a black so wouldn't bother me but they have put in a dark purple which has a grey undertone which could be used in the same way as black. 


Overall Opinion 
Overall I love this palette and very chuffed that Paul bought it because I have used it every day when wearing makeup. The palette is so easy to use, it might look scary looking but the colours just work! It's clearly going to be a go to in the autumn/winter. I'm going to say it I think this palette could give my Too Faced sweet peach palette a run for it's money! Yes I said it! I would highly recommend this palette my only downside is I don't think it would be travel proof! I am in the upcoming weeks going to do a post all about eye looks you can create using this palette so keep your eyes peeled!

Have you tried this palette?
Thank you for reading

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