Tuesday 27 June 2017

Products Worth The Hype

As i'm currently writing this the weather has gone back to being miserable here in the UK, so I thought to spread some positivity I would discuss the products that I feel are worth the hype in the beauty world. I picked out 10 products in my collection but I can definitely see myself doing a part 2 of this in the future, if i've done any reviews of these products on my blog i'll be sure to leave the blog post below! Let's begin.

  1. Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar bronze and Glow (Blog post review): I don't know anyone who doesn't love this product it is a gorgeous contour but even can be used as a bronzer when i'm pale and the highlighter just reflects in every light! We all knew this was going to be on my list!
  2. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in the shade Pillow Talk (Blog post review): Yes another CT product but this one again is amazing, especially on no makeup days.
  3. By terry Ombre Blackstar : This is such a luxe/princess product, it's so easy for on the go and also can't be bothered days.
  4. Milani 2 in 1 foundation (blog post review): An Amazing full coverage foundation yet so affordable!!!
  5. Nars Sheerglow Foundation (blog post review):Unfortunately Nars have changed their CF status but i'm still going to mention it because I would recommend it if you don't use cruelty free products. 
  6. Soap and Glory Solar Powder: An amazing budget friendly bronzer highly recommend!
  7. Becca Champagne pop (blog post review): OMG WOW just WOW I love this highlighter especially when you want everyone to see your hihglighter
  8. Zoeva eyeshadow palette (especially Caramel Melange (blog post review)): These are amazing purse friendly eyeshadow palette's with amazing pigmentation 
  9. Collection lasting perfecting concealer: Again another one that has come under doubt about being CF but still an amazing concealer worth the hype
  10. Beauty Blender (blog post review): Of course this wouldn't be a worth the hype post without a mention of the trusty beauty blender! Such an expensive item but totally worth it!
There you have it my current 10 worth the hype products, i'll be back soon with part 2! I'm thinking next week on doing a blog post on products worth the splurge but i'll make sure they are different products, a quick mention CT filmstar bronze and glow, beauty blender and Nars sheer glow are both products worth the hype and splurge I just don't want to mention them twice!

What products would you say are worth the hype?
Thank you for reading

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  1. Great list! I really want to try the Milani Foundation. I've wanted champagne pop for ages.


    1. Milani foundation is brilliant and Champagne pop is great!


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