Monday 17 April 2017

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Champagne Pop

I'm a bit talking about this product on my blog but it definitely deserves a mention on here! So we all know Jaclyn Hill and we all know the cosmetics brand Becca and we all know that they paired up to create this beautiful product! 

What is it?
Basically to dumb it down its a highlighter.... an amazing highlighter!!


Comes in a rubber circle compact with a metal top saying Becca, inside you have the gorgeous product itself and a mirror.  We all know I like a mirror

When you see it in the pan you think omg look at the glitter in ( not in a good way either) but it doesn't translate like that onto the skin, on the skin it is a beautiful champagne (hence the name!) glow highlighter, the texture is very smooth and any shimmer in it is very finely milled. 

How to apply
The best way I like to apply this using a fan brush and my personal favourite is the Spectrum A10.

Overall couldn't sing this highlighter's praises enough, it will always be in my collection and one that is just beautiful, if you still haven't bought it then what are you waiting for!

Yes it's expensive but it is totally worth it!

Shop the product:

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