Friday 9 March 2018

What To Watch on Netflix Part 4

Today I thought I would share what to watch on Netflix but part 4, I do love a good Netflix binge, I'm thinking about sharing what i'm watching each month or something along those lines. But anyway moving on, here's what I would recommend on Netflix:

  1. 50 Shades of Grey- Now people might get the wrong end of stick with this one but I just purely want to know what happens at the end, who doesn't right?
  2. Divergent- Throughout my blog I've always made it clear that Divergent is my favourite book and movie series so when I saw it on Netflix no wonder I fell in love, even if I do own the DVD's
  3. 13 Reasons Why- Now this is one that everyone got hooked on, I didn't want to but I did, it's definitely one to binge watch!
  4. Silk- Now this is one that Paul has clearly watched and recommends but I do have to say it is good if you like Suits, then it's sort of down that line
  5. Cable Girls- Now I like this because it's got a bit of history in it, if you don't like history then this isn't for you
  6. Me Before you- Such a sad movie but one that is really worth watching! 
  7. Pitch Perfect 2- And well I had to mention it because it is a guilty pleasure of mine, I haven't even seen Pitch perfect 3!!
There you have it my What To watch on Netflix part 4! What would you recommend I watch on Netflix?

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Thank you for reading

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