Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Relationships: Expectations VS Reality *

Well Hello everyone, I thought today I would share another relationship post, all about expectations VS Reality because everyone sees relationships on Youtube and Instagram and I think people think that's how relationships should be, but half of the time they only show half of it, you should never think that's how your relationship should be. So here is my version of Relationships Expectations Vs Reality. 

  1. Constant Romance - Every relationship has there honeymoon period but once that goes, don't expect romance 24/7 
  2. Loads of Date nights- Another thing that happens when honeymoon period ends so does the constant date nights
  3. Cuddles on the sofa- Now you see on Youtube/Instagram everyone cuddling on the sofa, that is not for me when i'm trying to watch something the last thing I want is cuddles
  4. Agreeing with everything- Now let's be honest if you agree on everything, one of them is clearly lying or trying to keep the peace 
  5. Wanting to spend every second with them - Everyone is allowed to do there own thing, sometimes space is good
  6. No arguments- Again loads of arguments is bad but sometimes you have to let it out
  7. Have no traits they hate- There will be something that they do that annoys you


  1. Especially when it's colder months sometimes you just can't be arsed
  2. After a honeymoon period ends and you both have busy lives it can feel like work trying to fit time in for each other
  3. You do disagree, especially over the little things
  4. Arguments do happen!
  5. They do stuff you hate, and sometimes they do it on purpose
  6. Just like the cba sometimes you just don't have time for date nights!
  7. When things go wrong you sometimes you question the relationship
  8. After you've been together for a while you can get in a rut, which is hard to get out of

I wanted to do this post to let you guys know that don’t let yourself get down, as everyone is going to share the best part of their lives online and honestly relationships are not always bliss, they have there ups and downs like everything. I know personally it can feel like hard work or you just feel like banging your head against the wall, when things don’t go right.
Moving onto a positive note this post is sponsored by dating….. Even though I did a post all about what to expect, it can really be good company for people, especially when you feel lonely. So below is some dating apps that I would recommend:
I hope this gave you an insight or even put some people at ease if they were questioning whether that’s how their relationship should be etc.
Would you agree with my expectations vs reality?
Thank you for reading!
P.s This post is sponsored, to read my full disclaimer post please read here. Again Thank you!


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