Tuesday 6 June 2017

What to watch on Netflix Part 3

I thought it was about time that I need another What to Watch on Netflix seeing as part 1 and part 2 went down really well! 

I have 8 shows/movies to share with you but I have got more so i'm going to leave that for part 4 otherwise it will be a ramble post.

Tv Shows
- Pretty Little Liars- Everyone loves this!
- Stranger Things- It took me a while but I am now hooked
- Crown- Even if you are not into history this is still a really good tv show about the love life/private life of the Queens early life.
- Unfortune Events- Again another one that took a while to get into but now i'm sold
- Crazy Ex Girlfriend- This is a tv show/musical inspired great comedy show about a girl following her childhood sweetheart
- OJ Simpson Vs The People- This is not going to be for everyone but if you like dramas/murder mystery's then this is a great series. 

- Sex Drive- This is just a good comedy film to watch the name gives it away really. 
- Austenland- This about American women wanting to live the royal way, so come over to England for a class on how to be one basically.

Well there you have it my What To Watch on Netflix Part 3! I will be back soon with part 4 as that list has nearly reached the max!

If you have any recommendations then please leave them in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!

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