Sunday 4 June 2017

No7 Micellar Water for Normal/Oily VS Normal/Dry

   Today's skincare Sunday Post is a comparison on the No7 micellar water's, so if you want to know about them keep on reading!

Overall they are both similar products claiming to do the same things, I love that it has a pump which makes it so easy to use. They both have a strong perfume scent, and both in someway stung my eyes, so if you have sensitive eyes this is a no go! I noticed you needed a lot of product to remove heavy makeup and sometimes have to add force to get rid of the makeup. Overall these are great micellar water’s my favourite is the one for normal to dry but there isn’t much difference between them both! The big question is would I repurchase them? No I wouldn’t and this is because I feel there is better out there for a lot less. 

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