Tuesday 26 January 2016

What to watch on Netflix

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So I thought I would do a different type of post today and recommend to you guys what I think you should watch on Netflix. Now I know there will be stuff that doesn't interest everyone but hopefully there is something for everyone.

Tv Series

  • Once Upon a Time- this is amazing especially if you are a Disney fan because this has all of the Disney characters in one show and there are some great twists.

  • Orange is the new Black- Of course this was going to be on here, this is just amazing so funny

  • Reign- Now this is about Queen Mary and the King of France I love this, it's really not all about history it's mainly a love story

  • I am going to throw it Suits i've only watched a couple but it is funny, great for lads


  • Monster university- I love disney and love this film

  • The Duchess- again history based film but revolves around a love story

  • Anchorman 2- This is a brilliant comedy film

  • Kajaki- this is based around the war in Afghanistan but it so good

So this is everything I recommend at the moment, hope this helps.

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  1. Once Upon A Time is definitely one of my favourites on Netflix!
    I also just finished season 2 of Gotham - that was great too :)

    kayla | daintydweeb.wordpress.com

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