Tuesday 24 October 2017

In TheBalm of Your Hand Greatest Hits Volume 2 Palette

Payday finally! This month has been a long one maybe it's because i've been settling back into uni, still working loads and buying Christmas presents, enough rambling so what i'm I going to be reviewing today? Well In TheBalm of your hand greatest hits volume 2 palette, I first saw this on The Balm's instagram page and I knew instantly I needed this palette, it's filled with all the products I wanted to try from the brand but in a compact palette, which will be perfect for travelling. I'm rambling again on with the post...

What is the product? And what does it claim?
This is what The Balm says about this palette: 'Introducing In theBalm of Your Hand Vol. 2, the second edition of our coveted all-in-one face palette. This all-inclusive must-have features 4 blendable eyeshadows, 3 flattering blush colors, a matte bronzer and champagne-hued highlighter. Limitless looks await with everything you need "In theBalm of Your Hand"!' (Source The Balm.com)

£29.00 which I think is an amazing price for the amount you get and it's their famous cult products too

Just like the rest of The Balm products it's fun with pictures on the outside of the original packaging for the products and inside it includes a mirror which again perfect for travelling.

What does the palette include? 
The palette includes 4 eyeshadows which can easily create a day look to night, a highlighter, bronzer/contour and 3 blushes which will go with any look.

Matt Reed: This is an eyeshadow which comes from the Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette, this is a matte dark brown shade
Firm: This eyeshadow is from the Nude Dude palette and is a beautiful deep champagne subtle shimmer shade
Alice Cooper: This eyeshadow comes from the Rockstar Palette and is a deep shimmer plum shade
Matt Russo: This eyeshadow comes from the Meet Matt(e) Ador palette, and is a light but warm mocha shade, perfect for the crease
Mary Lou Manizer: Do I have to say anything about this? We've all heard about it, it's what made The Balm famous! Anyway it's a beautiful champagne highlighter
Bahama Mama: Another cult product from The Balm, their famous bronzer/contour shade, this adds warmth to the skin but also makes a great contour shade!
DownBoy: Moving onto the blushes this is a barbie pink blush, but when applied to the skin gives a gorgeous flush 
FratBoy: Another product we've all heard about! This is a beautiful peachy blush shade and a personal favourite 
Instain blush in the shade Houndstooth: The Instain range has many shades but this one in particular is a beautiful deep mauve/plum shade gorgeous for autumn

All the shades blend beautiful in the skin, i've had no problem using these products!

Swatches/Picture of product in use
So below is the swatches of the product, and the face products applied to the skin.

Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter
Bahama Mama bronzer
Fratboy blush
Down boy blush
Instain blush in Houndstooth
Overall Opinion 
Overall I cannot get enough of this palette this is already coming with me to Rome next week. It's perfect for travel but gives you the chance to try out The Balm in one handy palette at a great price! Definitely one to treat yourself or put on a wishlist or even if you just like a good face palette then this is a good one!

What's your favourite product from The Balm?

Thank you for reading


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