Friday 27 October 2017

Lottie London, Blend and Snap Sponge

So today me and Paul have been together 3 years, wow where has the time gone! But i'm not going to talk about that in this post, today i'm going to share with you another beauty sponge review but this time from Lottie London and it's their Blend and Snap sponge. 

What does the product claim to do?
This is what Lottie London claim about the sponge: 'For a flawless finish for any primers, foundations or even cream blushes, this curved-sponge is your go-to tool. The tapered tip allows you to reach into hard-to reach areas for a perfect photo-ready finish.' (source Superdrug)

It costs £5.49 

There's not really any packaging as such but it did come in a plastic packet which is resealable, which would come in handy for travelling or in makeup bags so the sponge doesn't just roll around with the rest of your makeup

Where to buy?
You can get this sponge from Superdrug, Beauty bay, Feel unique, Look Fantastic and more!

The Sponge 
Onto the sponge it's self, well it's quite a hard sponge, it doesn't expand much once soaked in water and retains the water for a while, even when I go to use it the next morning it's still damp. When I first felt this sponge I thought I wasn't going to like but even though it's hard it doesn't feel hard when using it, it blends foundation in nicely BUT it is a big sponge which makes it difficult to get around the eye area and nose, which is my only downside to this sponge. 

Sponge dry

Sponge Wet
Overall Opinion
So overall for the price I do think this is a good find, but if I was going away I wouldn't take it because I would have to take another tool for around the eyes. I do like the packaging concept, not sure whether it was meant for that but thats my own personal thoughts. Overall looking for a budget beauty sponge give this one a whirl as it's easily available not like other ones.

What's your favourite beauty sponge? Here is my review off the original beauty blender and the Nanshy marvel sponge. 

Thank you for reading 

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