Friday 14 July 2017

Too Faced Love Highlighters

Happy Friday everyone today's post is a review on the new Too Faced Love highlighter's, so let's begin.

What does the product claim to do?
Too faced claim:' Go from subtly lit to dramatically strobed. Using unique Prisma Shine patented technology, Love Light combines the best of powder, liquid, baked and cream formulas for an unparalleled radiance. Universal shades light you up all day and night' Let's find out if I agree?


We all know that Too Faced's packaging is fun and cute, so there's no surprise that the highlighter's are in the shape of a heart and represent the shade. It is very compact and perfect for travelling.

Shade Range:
There's three shade's a gold, a pink and ice colour. The shade I have is the ice shade in blinded by the light. 

When swatching they do feel very smooth and have a nice texture but when going to apply to the skin , it doesn't actually pick up on the skin, you do have to rub the first couple of layer's off to actually get the full affect.

Makeup with no highlighter

Makeup with highlighter

Overall Opinion 
I really wanted to love this product but I just don't it's subtle which sometimes is nice but it doesn't last through out the day! It can cling to any texture on the skin and doesn't blend out like some other highlighter's that I have. To be honest it's not even glowy, yes after first applied (hardly can I just express) it does look good but it doesn't last or even leave a sheen, it just disappears! So unfortunately I wouldn't recommend this product which breaks my heart to say it! I think i'm going to get the original too faced candlelight highlighter and compare it! 

Have you tried this product? 

Thank you for reading

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