Tuesday 20 June 2017

Why I Switched From Wordpress to Blogger

Happy Tuesday everyone, if you haven't seen my other two blog post's you might not be aware that my blog is turning 2!! And to celebrate I have been doing some blog related posts. The last one is why I switched from Wordpress to Blogger. 

So in my blogging journey I actually started my blog on blogger but before I even made it live I changed it and moved to Wordpress as everyone said it was better. So why did I make the switch back? 

Well I must of been with wordpress for a good couple of months and one day I was looking for a fancy theme and I realised I couldn't actually get any themes with just the normal Wordpress I had to be with the self host Wordpress which I couldn't afford so I made the decision to switch back over to Blogger where I could purchase a 'fancy' theme and still have them hosting! So that is the main reason in a nutshell but I do have more reasons why and here they are: 

  1. Simple: Wordpress was just to complicated for me and blogger is so much easier!
  2. Easier: Okay this probably links in with being simpler but blogger in my opinion is much more easier to use 
  3. Couldn't get my head around Wordpress: I must of watched 100's of youtube videos explaining Wordpress but still couldn't do it
  4. Gadgets: Again because I wasn't using the self host version of wordpress it meant the gadgets I liked the look of I couldn't have 
  5. Blogger takes care of hosts: It takes care of it!
  6. Everything just looked prettier! 
There you have it my story on why I switched from Wordpress to Blogger and I wouldn't go back! I know people get a long with Wordpress and that is fine, this is just my own reasons why but also a way for it to be budget friendly! 

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Thank you for reading!

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