Sunday 31 July 2016

Fashion Investment: Pink Coat

Now right now you must think i'm mad writing a fashion investment post about a coat but 1 if you live here in the UK we never have a hot summer and 2 this coat isn't a winter coat it is more of a spring/summer coat. 

So recently i've seen pink/rose colour coats everywhere and I love them I think it's just a girly coat and really make up an outfit.

Mine is from...........Primark and cost £44.00  every time people ask where my coat is from and I say they are seriously shocked because it looks expensive. I am usually a firm believer that you should pay more for coats because they are a staple but i've had this one for 4 months and worn it every time it's not cold but it's not warm.

The colour is like a dusty pink which is beautiful and it has a floral white lace detailing over the top which just adds more to the coat. Also the coat has a belt which is great for people who like to tie up their coats or who want to show off their waist. 

This coat goes with nearly everything it goes well with jeans and a t-shirt and goes well with plain simple dresses. Heels or flats this coat goes, it's not heavy it is very light so perfect for those days when the weather doesn't know what it's doing.

I can definitely see this coat taking me into autumn as it is a great staple, definitely a piece to add to your wardrobe!

Thank you for reading!

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