Friday 17 August 2018

The Balm, What's Your Type?

I've recently bought a new mascara and it's now time to find out thoughts on it.....As the title says, it's The Balm What's Your Type mascara, let's see how I got on.

What does the product claim?

This is what the product claims to do 'Let this "body builder" show you how to pump up your lashes and give them the lift they need. Formulated with Vitamin E, Panthenol and Bamboo, this mascara strengthens and conditions your lashes so they are always amped. Push the limits of your lashes by layering an extra coat to take your volume to the max' (Source The Balm)




Plain black packaging, with white writing...very simple

The Mascara

The mascara wand is just your average bristle wand, it picks up a lot of product which gives the lashes volume and texture. On first sighting you would think this is a clumping mascara. 

The pictures below show my lashes without any mascara and then once the mascara is applied. 

Before Mascara

Before mascara

With mascara

With Mascara 

On the packaging it states three 'stats' they are; bold, massive and defined, that's three bold claims coming from a mascara and I can say it definitely does all three. 

Overall Opinion 

I think I stated the truth about this mascara above that it does exactly what it claims to do, that's pretty impressive claiming to do all three things majority of people want from a mascara and to succeed with all three is even better. It's not super expensive it's more on the higher end of hughstreet, but it is very easy to get hold of and always on discount on websites such as FeelUnique, Asos etc. I would highly recommend this mascara if you want, bold, massive and defined then try this, it's not the mascara for subtle, I would recommend Glossier Lash slick for that. 

What's your favourite product from The Balm?

Thank you for reading!


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