Sunday 24 December 2017

Skincare Sunday | Yes To Coconut Creme Cleanser

OMG It's Christmas EVE!!!!! Can you hear me screaming with joy I LOVE Christmas!!
Christmas or not i'm here to share another skincare Sunday post and today it's all about the Yes to Coconut creme cleanser, let's begin.

Product claims
This is what Yes to say about this product 'A rich, daily cleansing emulsion for very dry skin.
Bolstered with all the benefits of virgin coconut oil, the Coconut Hydrating Creme Cleanser delivers intense hydration to target troublesome dry patches. Enriched with 96% natural ingredients the creamy formula is able to remove stubborn makeup and dirt in the gentlest of ways to reveal conditioned and nourished skin' (source beauty bay)
Every online distributor has a different price but it's roughly the £7.50/£8.00 for 118ml

Very basic packaging white plastic squeeze tube with brown writing and detailing

Your creamy consistency with a strong coconut scent.

Overall Opinion 
So overall i'm not impressed with this product, it reminds me of just coconut oil but with a white consistency. It stings my eyes which is a big no with me as I like the cleanser to make sure i've got no mascara left. My skin just doesn't feel cleansed after i've used it, what I can agree on though is that it does leave my skin feeling hydrated. Overall it's a no for this product, I won't be repurchasing nor will I recommend this product. 

Have you tried this product?

Thank you for reading! Enjoy your Christmas Eve!!


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