Friday 29 September 2017

Unboxing | Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

So if you never saw my 21st birthday post, you might not be aware that I received a Louis Vuitton bag so today I thought I would do a kinda unboxing/review for you all.

Louis Vuitton, a girls dream right?

Speedy 30

Damtier Ebene Canvas

Like I said above it's the 30 which is about the medium size but there is also 4 other sizes in the speedy range. 

What's included in the box 
So the bag itself comes in a beautiful orange bag, which has an orange box inside with blue ribbon. Inside the box you get a dust bag which includes the bag and your payment slip etc.

The Bag:
The bag itself is beautiful, feels very luxe of course. But it comes with gorgeous leather trimmings and golden pieces. The bag also comes with the signature padlock and key! Inside is a gorgeous red liner with an interior pocket.

My Overall Opinion
Overall there's nothing I don't love about this bag, it's just a classic and one that will never go out of fashion and can be passed down, if I ever have children. It's so easy to style, as it goes with everything. What I also love about this bag is how easy it is to travel with, as deflates into nothing which is ideal to put into a suitcase etc. If your on the fence whether to get this bag I would definitely say do it as it doesn't disappoint!

The bag deflated 
What's your favourite designer handbag? 
Thank you for reading

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