Sunday 24 September 2017

Skincare Sunday | Sukin Micellar Water

Now this post is scheduled in advanced because it's my birthday and i'm 21!! so let's get on with it! Another micellar water review let's begin.

Product Claim 
This product claims to 'Micellar cleansing water formulated with aloe vera to thoroughly remove makeup and impurities whilst soothing the skin.
The tiny micelle oil molecules grip tightly onto dirt and grime and the blend of chamomile and refreshing cucumber leave a calm complexion that is soft to' ( source Boots) 

£7.95 for 250ml

Plastic bottle looks very eco and natural. 

Suitable for

Overall opinion
This micellar water smells like play-do it's weird, it's easy to get hold off and it removes makeup like a dream! 
Highly recommend this micellar water!

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