Friday 1 September 2017

The New Soap and Glory Face Masks

Happy Friday everyone there's a few reasons why i'm happy today 1. I'm going for food with my girls! 2.I've got a Friday and Saturday off!! and lastly it's PAYDAY, can you here me screaming with excitement?! Today's post is all about the new Soap and Glory face masks, as this is going to be  along post get a cuppa and let's begin!

There's 5 face masks, which do a variety of things, i've tried all five and now going to review them for you.

What a peeling, purifying peel off mask

Claims to do: 'Just like you, this peel-off mask is totally hard pore. Liquid gel transforms into the lift-off paper strip to smooth, purify and remove all gunk and junk (including blackheads, ew) in one go.'

Price: £4.00

Overall Opinion: Find this product cool as it's a pink, it has a rubbery texture, tingles so it feels like it is doing something. It has a huge scent but can't put my finger on it. It takes a while to set which is my only downside. It removes texture/dead skin cells, I didn't see that it removed any blackheads but I haven't got many recently. Overall a fun product and leaves your skin super smooth. 

Before face mask

Face mask just applied

Face mask set

Bright and Beautiful Sheet Mask 

Claims to do: 
'Our multi-tasking sheet mask is a speedy solution for dull-tired and stressed-looking complexions'

Price: £3.50

Overall Opinion: Okay as the name suggests it's a sheet mask, a very thick sheet mask. There's a lot of product on the sheet mask which makes it very messy. It smells of course peachy! But despite the mess this product really did give me a good boost, I had been in work all day on an early, my skin was looking dull and tired but I had a leaving do to go to, applied this then bang I look radiant. Awesome product to look radiant. 

The Fab Pore Skin Smoothing Pore Refining Mask

Claims to do:
'If getting shine-free skin is a chore, deploy THE FAB PORE™ sheet mask! This quick and easy facial will help you achieve instant pore-fection. Packed with pore-refining and problem-solving ingredients for a super-smoothing and refreshing effect'

Price: £3.50

Overall Opinion: So your typical sheet mask, this sheet mask was way too big for my face. Had a mint/bacterial scent which personally I liked. Tingles definitely feel like it is doing something. This wouldn't be suitable for sensitive skin. But This really did tighten my pores and make them look a little bit smaller, as I do have large pores. Thumbs up for this!

Speed Plump Super Hydrating Miracle Moisture Sheet Mask 

Claims to do: Our turbo boost hydrogel sheet mask is an instant hydration sensation. The easy-to-fit two-piece mask contains super-nourishing moisturisers to quench dry skin and give a juice-fresh orange scent

Price: £3.50

Overall Opinion: This is a very relaxing face mask, it comes in two parts, does slip and slide along the face though. Overall this gave my face a good boost of hydration and really left my skin feeling plump and hydrated. 

Puff Eye Attack Eye Mask 

Claim to do: 'Constantly battling tired eyes? Deploy our moisture-rich under-eye patches that work while you rest, helping reduce the appearance of dark circles and under-eye puffiness, brighten skin and infuse moisture. Packed with super-naturally good ingredients, it’s the perfect perk-me-up for peepers!'

Price: £3.50

Overall Opinion: Well finally a budget friendly eye mask, so because of that it get's a thumbs up from me. It is very cooling which you probably expect from an eye mask. Overall it really did give my eye's a lift and make them look a little bit more awake but mainly a lift. Also on a quick note these eye patches don't move! 

Before I put the pictures up, you'll see that I did both the speed plump and eye masks at the same. 

Before masks applied

Hopefully you can see the difference between the eye patches and first half of the sheet mask.
Other half of mask applied
And after

There you have it my review on the new Soap and Glory face masks, overall I think these masks are amazing and especially for the price! My only downside is that the sheet masks are a tiny bit too big but for the price i'll get over it! 

Have you tried these masks?

Thank you for reading


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