Tuesday 7 February 2017

Soap & Glory The Mighty Contourer

Soap and Glory have been realising quite a few new products but the one I was most curious about was the mighty contourer kit. 

It's a three in one kit; contains a contour shade, blush and highlight all the products are cream based which at first I was kinda nervous to try as I don't get on with the cream products. 

Soap and glory state " Our super blendable  trio of shades in a hand stackable compact, shapes, shifts and lifts for camera ready skin in a flash.

They also say it should be used by 'finger painting' then blend out. So I decided to try their way but also what it was like with brushes as that's my preferred way.

I Noticed they are very pigmented, creamy but almost looking greasy on the skin. 
The contour shade I first look I thought was going to be way to dark but actually once blended out is the perfect colour for a bit of definition, the blush is like a bright fluorescent pink colour which is just not my shade and the highlight has no shimmer to it it's just a cream white pigment. 

So what did I think about each of the products? The contour is great just have a light hand, it will look beautiful in the summer. The blush isn't for me it's just too fluorescent so I was never going to like this. And lastly the highlight personally I feel it's just a white pigment, there's no shimmer, it gives a slight sheen but nothing like my other highlighters do. 
Left to right: contour shade; blush; highlight

For packaging it's a small handbag size compact, you click a button and the first section lifts up which contains the contour shade, underneath that is a split pan which contains the blush and highlight but also a mirror, what I found with the split pan is that it's difficult to get a brush in because of how small they are but as this design is meant to be used with fingers it does work. 

So how well do they work using a brush or 'finger painting' 

Starting with the brush way I used the real techniques contour brush for anyone who is wondering. 
The brush picked up a good amount of product and blended it out very well. 

Onto the 'finger painting' it's very easy this way to pick up too much product, with this way I found it more difficult to blend the product out so in the end I had to get my brush. 

This product cost's £12.00 and can be found at Boots here in the UK. 

Product  used with a brush:

Product used with 'finger painting':

Overall I do like the contour shade and the blush and highlight isn't the worse just not for me. I think this product would be great for the summer or holidays as it gives you a very dewy look but to the extent that it's like a summer look-if that makes sense

If you want to try this product but worried that you won't like it I definitely would pick it up when they have an offer on!


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  1. Aww I love this product! I know what you mean about the highlighter, it really is just a matte cream but I quite like it for really subtle highlight when you want to avoid too much shimmer for work. I also found the blush lovely if I use just a little and blend it really well. I'm super super pale and the contour shade is one of the nicest I've used (the other I love is Collection's contour cream stick which is a nice cool tone as I find most contours are too warm and look muddy on me). I use a small streak and then really buff it in with that real techniques face brush you have in your picture.

    Cool review :)


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