Saturday 24 December 2016

Skincare Review: Superdrug Vitamin E Dual Phase Cleansing Oil

I'm about to use up another evening cleanser so I thought I better share my thoughts with you guys! As you can tell by the title it's the Superdrug Vitamin E Dual Phase Cleansing oil. Just like any skincare item I like to see if there are any reviews before purchasing just to get a brief idea of what to expect but unfortunately this wasn't for me and i'm going to share with you why.
But first let's just see what Superdrug say this is suppose to do:

What does it claim to do?
"Vitamin E Dual Phase Cleansing Oil is specially formulated to gently but effectively cleanse away impurities, helps to remove makeup and mascara in one easy step, leaving skin feeling clean and soft."

You can't complain about the price as it's only £2.99 so what a bargain.

The product comes in a cream frosted plastic bottle just like the rest of the vitamin e range.

How to use?
Superdrug say to: Shake well mixing the two phases together then dispense immediately onto a cotton wool pad. Wipe gently across the face and neck to remove makeup and impurities. For eye makeup removal, use a clean cotton wool pad and sweep over closed eyelids" The way I tried using it and wanted to using it just like any oil cleanser putting a bit on my hands working it into the skin and then rinsing away. 

My Overall Opinion
So like I said about unfortunately I did get on with this product, firstly it comes out thin and runny I was expecting the consistency to be like the The Body Shop cleansing oil, thick and luxes. It's got a horrible smell, and the best part is that it stings my eyes! When the product actually states it can be used to remove mascara! The only plus is that it doesn't leave a residue on the skin once removed and also doesn't leave the skin feeling striped from your natural oils. So for me I won't be repurchasing and I wouldn't recommend it! But I know a lot of people who love this product so it's up to you if you try it as it is only £2.99.

Thank you for reading!


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