Friday 21 October 2016

Iphone 7 Plus Review/Unboxing

I know a few people have done this post but I just thought I would share my thoughts, so if you haven't guessed by the title this is my iPhone 7 plus review and a kinda unboxing post. So let's begin!

Bit of background information first I was an iPhone gal for years until 2 years ago when I wanted a change and I went to Samsung and got the Galaxy Alpha biggest regret ever I should of just stayed with the iPhone. It was a long two years let's just put it that way. So my contract always runs out around this time of the year so it was perfect timing with the new iPhone coming out. When they released the date etc I knew I had to have it so like already said I went for the iPhone 7 plus in Rose Gold 32GB I was so tempted to get that new glossy black shade but 1. i'm thinking finger prints and 2. it only came in 120 GB. 

The new iPhone comes in just the 7 which is the smaller size then iPhone 7 plus which is bigger, there's five shades rose gold, gold, silver, black and jet black and like with all iPhones comes in the 3 size memory. 
What comes inside the box
So let's start with the box and what comes with the phone. So you get this sleek white box which is also so compact. You get a little leaflet telling you about the phone and also 2 apple logo stickers. You get the phone itself, the usb and plug, a pair of headphones and also the cable so you can use your normal traditional headphones.

The Exterior of the phone
Since my last iPhone which was the 5 i think, it has gone a hell of a lot slimmer which I actually prefer, it still feels sturdy though. The phone feels very smooth, there's not rough edges. The rose gold colour is perfect it doesn't look a tacky colour which some rose gold colour can. You've got the apple logo engraved in the back which can blends into exterior well. 

So you've probably heard enough of the features of this new iPhone so i'm going to make this one quick. 
  • Dust and Water resistant 
  • New dual camera
  • Nano sim card
  • No headphone jack
  • Night Shift mode  

The whole application I love everything seems brighter and put together. The speed of the phone is perfect everything is quick and fresh. The new home button is great it's more like a sensor and i love that all you have to do is lift the phone up and it wakes it up. The camera is amazing!

Battery life
So far the battery is amazing I take it off around 7 and it lasts until 10/11. I remember the first day I had it and 14 hours later it still had 30% I was amazed. And your probably wondering why I said so far, i'm saying that only because I posted a tweet about how amazed I was and someone replied saying it doesn't last so we'll have to see with this one.

Overall I'm very impressed with this phone and i'm in love with it! If you have any questions about it then please let me know.

Thanks for reading!


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