Friday 7 October 2016

Are They Worth it? Spectrum Brushes

Spectrum brushes have burst into the beauty market in the last year or so maybe a rival for the real techniques? Maybe. These brushes first caught my eyes when I was in the Clothes show live 2015, being bold made them stand out to me instantly, then when I felt them being extremely soft I knew I had to have them.

First Impressions
Spectrum brushes are a very bold collection, they have single brushes which and pink and blue and brush sets which are themed, their marble collection is just to die for. You can definitely see the change in how we buy makeup tools because before people didn't care but now every brand is trying to out do each other with colour i.e Zoeva rose gold set.

With them being vegan/cruelty free, extremely soft and pretty, they definitely tick all the right boxes.

My Verdict

The 3 tools I bought we're the fan brush, angled blush brush and a eye blending brush.

Fan Brush A10: 
I love this brush to apply highlight, it applies highlight like a dream, it applies the right amount of product and in the right place.

Angled Blush Brush C04: 
Again I love this brush, it's the right shape to apply blush on your cheeks, it's extremely soft, and picks up product and applies product beautifully.

Eye Blending Brush C05:
Now this is my favourite brush I love this brush for blending out my eye makeup, I use it every time I do an eye look, it makes everything look seamless.

I love Spectrum brushes, not only are they great but they are also reasonably priced, the prices do vary depending on the brushes but they are so worth it as they are great quality. They also wash well to and retain their shape afterwards.
If you don't own makeup brushes or want a new brand to try from then check out Spectrum you won't be disappointed.

Thank you for reading!


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  1. Thank you for this review! I'm quite tempted by those brushes! x


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