Sunday 26 June 2016

What's in my carry on bag/ My Travelling outfit

So today is the today I AM GOING ON HOLIDAY!!!! (can you here my screaming), so I thought today I would share what is in my carry on bag and my travelling outfit.

Firstly i'm taking my Calvin Klein handbag which has got my essentials e.g tickets, passports, purse, hand sanitiser, perfume etc

I'm also taking a mini suitcase  on the plane which has got my electrical goods e.g camera, kindle, phone charges etc it also contains some snacks, a pillow.

For my travelling outfit i'm wearing a jumpsuit from Primark which is very comfy (got to be comfy on a plane) this white jacket from H&M (smart but casual), white sandals are also from Primark and for Sunglasses they are from Quay Australia.

Short and sweet post but thank you for reading! I'm now off to the airport!!!



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