Sunday 29 May 2016

Eat Clean Tea: Matcha tea

Eating clean and matcha tea has been on the rise in the past year, so I was excited to try this matcha tea, the matcha tea i've got is from a company called Eat Clean Tea (website here).

What is it? 
According to eat clean tea it's the most finest source of green tea possible and is ground down into a powder to help your energy levels increase, speed up your metabolism, help you body detoxify and also holds beauty benefits such as clearer skin, helps with nails and hair. As you can see there is so many benefits with this tea so you won't be disappointed. This originates in Japan, so what makes this tea different from one you can buy in a shop? It's because it doesn't leave all the good stuff inside the teabag because this tea is a powder.

When shall I drink it?
This product does contain caffeine but it is natural caffeine so all good, it's not ideal to drink close before going to bed but the way I like to drink this one just before I got to work to give me a pick me up or in the afternoon when i'm on a go slow.

How do I make it?
As you can see from the picture below (this comes on a card when you buy your matcha tea) you fill your mug with 1/3 with boiling water then add 2 scoops of the matcha tea to your mug ( it comes with a scoop) whisk me with  a brother then add more water and enjoy.  As I don't have a frother what I like to do is do the first 2 steps but then get another mug and sieve the mixture through so you don't get any clumps at the bottom of your mug.

Why I love it?
I don't like normal green tea I don't like the taste but you don't get that bitter taste with this matcha tea it's like you drinking normal tea it's just a bonus that you get all these health benefits too. Even though it looks like a disgusting green colour it does taste really good once you get past the colour.

Where can I buy it from? 
You can purchase matcha tea from the eat clean website (here). They also do other flavours like mint, and ginger if you want to spice your matcha up. It also retails for £15.95 but you get huge sachet well worth the money if you are looking for a new healthy tea.

Have you tried matcha tea? Or what is your favourite tea?

Thank you for reading!

P.s This post did contain a product that was sent to me through The Blogger Programme. My personal page is here.
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