Tuesday 31 May 2016

How My First Year At Uni Went

So I can't believe i'm writing this... my first year at university is over!! And what a year it has been.
So here is a little post all about my first year at uni, let's begin:

It all started back in September being so nervous and not knowing what to expect, but after a couple of minutes standing there waiting to go into the hall I was fine. I was even more relieved that I actually knew one of the girls on my course. The first couple of days were boring, filling loads of documents...it was like I was signing my life away! The 3rd day in was the freshers fair which nearly every newbie get's excited about to be honest, it wasn't the best didn't really see the hype.

Onto my first proper week of lectures, it was strange being taught in a huge room because I was so used to smaller classes but now i'm completely use to it. When I finally met my class for the first time  I worried that no one would speak and that it would be a long 3 years but actually we all get on so well and become good friends!

Fast forwarding a semester where in the mean time I have handed my first assignment in and getting ready to start semester 2. I've never so scared about handing an assignment in until now there is always doubt in my mind that have I done it wrong etc especially when you hear what other people have wrote!!! My advice go with your gut, as so far it's worked for me and I haven't failed one.....YET!!! My first uni exam went much better than I thought (got a whole post later in the year about revising for exams), the key is just to revise sounds so stupid but it is. Moving onto my last semester of the year and it went great, everyone had finally settled in, we got to know the tutors, and started knowing what they wanted in our assignments.

Last week it was the end, I handed my last assignments in, and now i'm done my first year at university is over and what a year, it's seen tears, laughs and moments of stress but it has been done, now time to prepare for my second year OMG! What have I learnt? To enjoy life while i'm still young because it is moving bloody fast, did I enjoy my first? Yes i've met some great people.

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Are you in uni? How's your year been?

Thanks for reading


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