Wednesday 23 September 2015

Learning To Drive Experience

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So last week I had my practical driving test, and OMG I PASSED!!!! (can you hear me screaming) So I thought today I would share with you my experience of learning to drive because I know it can be quite scary.

So starting of with the boring theory side, I did my theory before I started learning to drive, my dad encouraged me to do it first so that when I was ready I could go straight in for my test, at the time I thought my dad was wrong because I just wanted to get behind the wheel, but when the time came for me to put in for my test it meant I could go straight in for it. I found the theory side quite hard because I had no knowledge about cars and anything car related, so after a lot of revising I went and passed my theory. The theory is split into two sections one section is 50 questions about driving and the second section is watching a series of short clips and spotting the hazards. My only advise for car theory is to revise treat it as going into an exam.

Moving onto the actual practical side of driving, I started learning to drive around September time 2014, and I passed September 17th 2015, so all in all it took me a year to learn and pass. So I remember waiting for my first driving lesson being petrified, I remember seeing my driving instructors car going up, he asked what I knew about a car and my reply was nothing other than a steering wheel, so you could imagine I had a lot to learn about, so a couple of lessons down the line I was driving everywhere and I was loving it, unfortunately I had to change driving instructors because I started to get cancelled on, so I found another instructor and carried on. So obviously the more lessons I had the more I learned about driving from, reversing, parking, emergency stops, parallel parking, reverse round a corner, turn in the road and lots more, when you hear about everything you need to know to put in for your test it can be quite daunting, but you soon remember everything then it comes like second nature.

So it got to around August time and my instructor said that I am ready to put in for my test, so straight after my lesson I got my laptop out and booked it of course for the 17th September. I was petrified so weeks went by and the all of a sudden it was the day of my test, my instructor picked me up an hour before my test ready for a pre-test, then we went off to my local test centre, I have never been so nervous but the second I got in the car for the start of my test I was fine and I drove just like I did on my lessons. On your test they do an eye check by asking you to read out a number plate, then they ask you two questions (which it doesn't matter if you get them wrong, so don't panic) one is a show me question and the other one is a tell me question, after that you are directed on where to go and you basically drive, on the test you will do a few pull ups, one manoeuvre, independent driving which is basically what you do on your lessons and maybe an emergency stop. On my test I did pull ups, parallel  parking and the independent driving, so I was chuffed with parallel parking because the one I hate is reverse round a corner. The tests overall last about 40 minutes which trust me it soon flies by, my advise is don't be upset if you fail, it only means the examinare doesn't think your ready to drive alone, so get back in the car and book your test again, I know some people that it took them anything between 4- to 6 attempts to pass their test, so just keeping trying.

So after a long ramble my tips are:

  • If your not happy with your instructor your the one who is paying so get a different one just contact them and say look this isn't working and move on

  • Do research on the best instructors in your area, I didn't do this one and I regret it

  • If you fail keep going!!!

So I hope this helped and everyone takes different amount of time to learn so don't get upset if you take longer than your friend you will get there, just keep at it!

Thank you for reading

See you next time!



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