Friday 13 July 2018

Hotel Review: Grand Palladium White Island Resort & Spa

As the title suggests i'm going to be reviewing the hotel I stayed in Ibiza. Let's begin

Star Rating 

The star rating of this hotel is classed as a 5 star

Board Basis

The hotel is only an All Inclusive hotel, which seeing as this was the cheeky holiday, it was ideal. I couldn't complain the food was very good with a good variety and even the cocktails were delicious. 

The Room

We decided not to upgrade our room for a particular view, as we weren't there long enough. But my mum sent an email if possible could we have either a pool or sea view, and they delivered! The room was small but spacious, very clean, tidy and the bathroom was very nice. See pictures below.

Our Experience 

Onto our the hotel itself was nice, good facilities and lovely, friendly staff etc but every night we had a disaster which was the whole corridor our room was on was taken by a lads holiday which was hell at night. There was loud music etc playing all night long. Security was brought multiple of times but that did nothing, alongside complaining did nothing. This really put a damper on our holiday because we were constantly shattered. One thing management did was let us was let us check out later because of how late our flight was and two free uses for the spa. That was a lovely gesture but on the day we were suppose to check out, my mum went back to the room multiple times but our door was locked because they presumed we had checked out, that was the cherry on the cake. So when did finally check out, they asked us how our experience was and my mum was truthful, but they denied not knowing about the drama on our floor, even though we complained every day because of how bad it was. By the way it wasn't just loud music going on all night it was the bad language the screaming. The hotel advertise themselves as a family, friendly resort not a club 18-30. Due to our bad experience it bad the holiday crap, and wouldn't recommend nor will I be returning. 
One last note the staff at the bars, food and cleaners were extremely hard working and delivered a brilliant service it was management and security that let the side down, by not dealing with the situation.

Thank you for reading! Sorry it's been a bit negative, I wasn't going to review it but I felt I had to, seeing as I review all the rest.



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