Tuesday 15 August 2017

The Makeup Hacks I Struggle With

With pretty much everyone watching beauty video's now whether it's on Youtube or Instagram, it can be pretty tricky to keep on 'trend', i'll admit I love a good beauty video I could watch them for hours but i'll also admit there are some makeup hacks I struggle with and just can't grasp, so i'm going to share the hacks I struggle with so if you also struggle least you know your not alone nor does it matter that we can't just get the hang of them!

  1. Eyeliner: I have tried and tried I just can't do eyeliner it doesn't matter what I try pen to gel it just looks a mess on me!
  2. Pulling off a red lipstick: When I see a girl wearing a red lipstick and she suits it i'm like why can't I look that good with a red lipstick! I mean I look awful even my mum is like Hannah just no!
  3. Contour: Now this one i'm getting better at I can do a light contour but anything extreme and I look awful, those girls who can really chisel in those cheek bones (insert sad emoji)
  4. Baking: I have tried loads of products to 'bake' with but honestly I do look like a cake, a powdery one at least. 
  5. Smoky eye: When I say smoky eye I mean the girls who can do a cut crease etc for me it's just a bit of one colour in the crease and a lid shade, then i'm done. 
There you have it my five makeup hacks I struggle with, I hope you don't feel alone now because let's just be honest we've all been there staring in the mirror wondering why we can't get the 'look' 

What makeup hacks can't you do?
Thank you for reading


  1. I can't do proper eyeliner either :( I also wish I could do pretty curls x



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