Friday 16 June 2017

Why I Created Hannah Jarvis Blog

So Tuesday's post saw me looking at my top ten blogging tips (read here) if you never read that blog post you might not be aware that my blog is coming to it's second birthday! And to celebrate I thought I would do a few blog focused posts. So for this post as the title gives it away i'm talking about why I started blogging. 

There are 6 reasons why I started blogging, so is why I started blogging:

  1. Always read other people's blogs: This is probably the biggest factor why I started blogging, I must of been reading blogs for a good 5 years before starting my own. 
  2. Had no one who had the same interests as me: I think this is the main reason for everyone who started their blog. I love makeup, skincare, fashion but when I was in high school/college everyone I was friends to never had the same interests so a blog seemed a good way to interact with people with the same interests. 
  3. Liked the concept: I liked the concept of sitting at a computer or laptop typing away about something your interested in but also knowing that it could help someone out.
  4. Hobby: Really I don't have any hobbies so having my own little blog just seemed something that could 'take me away'
  5. Wanted to try something new: If you weren't aware I started my blog the summer before starting university, I wanted to take myself out of my comfort zone and the blog seemed the right thing to do!
  6. Wanted to for ages! My last and final reason is because I just wanted to, and I wanted to design a blog for ages and like my fifth reason of trying something new it just seemed the right thing to do!

There you have it my 6 reasons of why I started my blog! If your reading this and you have a blog what are the reasons why you started blogging? Or if you are thinking of starting one just do it!

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