Tuesday 13 June 2017

Top 10 Blogging Tips

Seeing as i'm coming up to my blog's second Birthday I thought I would share my top 10 blogging tips that I have learnt a long the way!
  1. Be True- No one like's a false person
  2. Write about what you want to write about- If you enjoy writing about something in particular then write about it! People will enjoy it more if you enjoy writing it
  3. Be Consistent- This is an obvious one when getting followers
  4. Engage- Remember to reply to comments! 
  5. Don't Copy- Yes people might have similar ideas but put your twist on it
  6. It's okay to ask for advice or inspiration- We all hit a brick wall every now and then
  7. Show your personality- People are reading your blog not only for your content but for you
  8. Don't look at numbers- Yes it is nice feeling when hitting a milestone but don't constantly look at them you'll only put pressure on yourself
  9. Social Media is your best friend- You can interact and share your amazing content with the world!
  10. Have a theme- It's okay to want to write about a little bit of everything but keep it relevant and link in with your blog. 

And there you have it my top 10 tips when blogging! Of course I never mentioned above but I thought it was an obvious one and that is to have FUN!!

Hope this blog post helped!

Thank you for reading!


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