Sunday 12 February 2017

Primark: P.S Micellar Water

Now everyone has been talking about Primark and how amazing there beauty products so I thought I would give a simple but an essential in the beauty world product a go and that's micellar water.!

What does it claim?
Just to basically remove your makeup in one easy step. 

Comes in a pink plastic bottle- very girly 

Pretty positive it was only 99p- reason why I wanted to give it ago

Like any micellar water, it has a thin watery consistency but it does have a soap feeling which leaves residue.

Skin Types
States for all skin types

How to use
Pour onto a cotton pad, wipe all over the skin

Overall opinion
I wasn't expecting major things for this product, look it removed my makeup what more do you want for 99p? Everyone goes into Primark so easy item to pick up, right? My only criticism is just be careful near the eyes as it can sting because it does have a soapy formula. Not bad Primark!

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