Friday 16 September 2016

Rose Gold RayBans

Summer is coming to the end here in the UK so I thought I would share a pair of sunglasses that i've been obsessing over!

These are the round Rose Gold Raybans, firstly can we take a moment as they are beautiful, they have copper frames, with rose gold lenses. These sunglasses are on the pricer side of course but they are beautiful.

The only downside for these sunglasses is because they have skinny arms they bend easily so when you push them onto your head they do tend to bend a little, also they do get tangled in my hair so these are just a no go when pushing them onto your head. Also the other downside is that lenses get dirty easily and it's noticeable, I took these on holiday and it took me ages to get the suncream off them.

They go with loads of outfits and definitely make a statement but i've seen a few brands bring out good dupes of these sunglasses.

Does anyone else have a sunglass obsession or is it just me!?

Thank you for reading!

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