Friday 22 July 2016

Lifestyle Change

Recently you might of guessed that i'm including whether products are cruelty free or not and that's because i'm having a bit of a lifestyle change, since about December I started watching people talking about cruelty free products and that go me reading into animal testing, i've always known about animal testing but when I started reading I got into a lot more detail.
Everyone who knows me knows i'm a huge animal lover and knowing that there are animals suffering out there isn't what I agree with. My mum was brought up on a farm so she has always been involved with animals, so my whole life has had animals involved, we've always had a cat until recently when Holly sadly had to be put to sleep because she got old and was so ill. We have also always had rabbits and guinea pigs, most of the rabbits and guinea pigs have come from rescue centre's, my mum loves giving animals a second chance to a good life and that has been past on to me so the thought of suffering upsets me.
In the background is G-force the guinea pig
 and Gracie the rabbit
Holly she was a Persian cat

Time for a little story, which shows how soft me and my mum are:
 Gracie our Rex rabbit came from RSPCA and she was brought back because the previous owners thought she was nasty and wasn't friendly, she was an older rabbit out of the rest at RSPCA (only about a year but families like to have rabbits young), she wasn't white and fluffy like the rest and she had been there a while, if the RSPCA couldn't find her a home in a month they were going to put her to sleep, which is an awful thought. The reason we were at RSPCA was because one of our older guinea pigs had just passed away so mum thought we should get another one for company, we looked on the website and found patchy (unfortunately he's passed away last Christmas) so off we went to see him, we were waiting in reception but saw a family getting shown to the small friendly animals, my dad thought that's where he would be but that was wrong it was actually the rabbit section well my dad knew exactly what was coming.  My mum saw her and heard the story of her going to get put to sleep and decided to take her, we got her home expecting her to be nasty and needing a lot of work, it turned out she was one of the most friendliest rabbits we've every had, she has a unique character and does only like fuss on her terms but she's beautiful.

The amount of animals we've had is unreal and they've all lived to one hell of an age:

Starting with cats in my life i've only had one and that was Holly but my mum has had previous to her.

Rabbits: firstly we had flopsy, Thumper and Basil then Gracie

Guinea Pigs: Harold, Cedric, Bof, Patchy, Rocky and G-force (we still have Rocky and G-force)

Again both with rabbits and guinea pigs mum has had them previous me.

Enough rambling and onto what I really need to tell you!

Putting all of this together I decided it was a good idea to become cruelty free and use only cruelty free products. It's a big change but i'm enjoying learning about what brands are and aren't it's actually quite surprising. Also a little note I am a vegetarian so again it made sense.

I know there are posts on my blog which include none cruelty free items, they will remain on my blog just for the purpose that a lot of time has gone into them and to help other people out who are looking for those products.

I've got a few posts coming up that might include none cruelty free items but they need to go up because I feel like they can better you as my readers. I am also currently using up any products that aren't cruelty free I also have a depop page selling a lot of my makeup which is here, please go and check it out if you are looking for bargain makeup.

Any makeup that isn't sellable I am actually sending to a woman refugee centre for women who have been in abusive relationships.

So enough rambling that's the lifestyle change I am making, it's going to be a long process but i'm nearly there! One thing I do quickly just want to point out is views on fashion etc because I know a lot of cruelty free bloggers are strict on their fashion views too, personally I haven't made a judgement on that view yet, I just know that I don't think it's acceptable for animals i.e rabbits to have needles with product on, stabbed into them, that's just my own opinion, we are in the 21st century it doesn't need to be done.

P.s I haven't got a problem with people using none cruelty free products, this is just my opinion.

Thank you for reading!

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