Sunday, 15 May 2016

Colourpop Cosmetics Haul/First Impressions

Happy Sunday!

So if you weren't aware Colourpop Cosmetics did a flash sale on the 1st of May, I 'accidentally' added up on there websites and might of done a naughty purchase ooops anyway Wednesday just gone the order came flying through my door and I screamed with joy!!!

Firstly lets dress how the hell did I get my order here to the UK because they don't ship to the UK and well my friends I got a address in America and shipped it there. After doing some research I decided to use Shipito, who give you an address (it's a warehouse) which you can ship your parcel to and they forward it to you anywhere you want it. They are pretty reasonable my parcel cost $7.99 to ship it to my address which is cheap!

Now we've addressed that let's get on with the haul/first impressions. I bought 4 item and in total they came to $16.00 which is cheap for 4 items of great quality. So I bought 3 lip products and 1 eyeshadow.


The first item I put in my basket was the lippie stix in the shade cookie which for me is my lips but better shade and I love it! It's got a vanilla scent which is to die for.

The second item I purchased was the Ultra matte lip in the shade donut: this isn't a me shade it's more bright pink/coral colour but I thought this would be a great colour for summer and my holidays. The only downside with this one that you have to be careful when putting the applicator back into the tube because the product does tend to leak. Also this lipstick is MATTE but after a few drinks and eating it does go a bit patchy I think this is because it's such a bright colour that it's noticeable when it fades.

Last lip product was from the Ultra Satin range and I got the shade magic wand which is back to being a me shade it is very nude with brown undertone I love it, it's my go to already.

I could of got so many more eyeshadows but I decided to stick with just the one to see if I like the formula. They do a few formulas from satin, matte and metallic.
I got the super shock shadow with metallic finish in the shade I heart this. The colour is a mixture of silver/champagne all together with a lot of shimmer/glitter particulars in it this is definitely an evening eyeshadow but I love it. It just gives a gorgeous sheen on the lid when you are in certain light.

For packaging  all of the Colourpop range is very sleek with this white packaging and silver writing. For the matte/satin lip range they come in a clear what looks and feels like glass packaging but I think it's plastic packaging with silver writing and details which looks very sleek.

Overall i'm extremely impressed with everything I bought from Colourpop!

Have you tried anything from Colourpop ?

Thank you for reading!

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