Tuesday 10 May 2016

Are they worth it? Nanshy brushes

More makeup brushes, really Hannah? Oh yes so today i'm here to tell you about Nanshy brushes and are they worth it? I first heard about Nanshy brushes when I started watching Emily Canham youtube channel (here) but never thought about buying them until I saw them at the Clothes Show I pointed them out to mum and she bought them for me, for Christmas. On to the review

Firstly Nanshy do so many brushes and brush set's that it was hard to choose between them but I decided to go for the eye brush set as I was lacking eye brushes. I also got them in the pearl white colour as I thought they were pretty.

In this set you get 7 brushes for £29.95 which is pretty good! Oh yeh all the brushes are very affordable.

They are 100% Vegan, cruelty free and approved by peta.org, which is always a bonus. They have antibacterial synthetic bristles which are very soft, no bristles shed while washing and they wash like a dream.

In the set you get:

  • Precise bent eyeliner brush- which makes applying eyeliner a dream
  • Angled detailer brush- This brush works for everything
  • Flat definer brush- I like to use this to pack colour on
  • Blending Eyeshadow- as the name would suggest a typical blending brush- amazing
  • Eye Crease brush- great for adding depth into and eye look
  • Tapered crease brush- This brush is a good all rounder
  • Large shader brush- great for blending or packing colour onto the lid.

I would highly recommend this brush set and definitely going to be purchasing more Nanshy brushes in the future.

Have you tried nanshy brushes?

Thanks for reading!


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