Tuesday 23 February 2016

Is it worth it? Tweezerman Tweezers

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I thought I would start a new series on my blog 'is it worth it' basically it's going to be reviews of hyped up product's. So today's is going to be the Tweezerman Tweezers. About a year ago there was a lot of hype around these tweezers, so I was curious and decided to get them. Firstly you can buy these tweezers from boots. The full size tweezers are £20.95 or you can buy the travel size which are £12.50 (shown in the picture below).

I purchased the travel size ones, which aren't that much smaller than the full size ones. They are easy to use, have good drip and they are slanted which makes it easier to get the hairs. These tweezers come in loads of colours and varieties from full size, mini, wide grip and pointed.

Personally I wouldn't splash out on £20.00 on these tweezers as I don't think they are worth it but I would pay £12.00. If you have anything that you feel is hyped up and want reviewing then let me know!

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