Friday 28 September 2018

Cheers To Being Twenty Two!

Firstly apologises for being a quiet, i've just come back off the family (post coming soon) and i've started back to uni! But alongside all of this I turned Twenty Two on the 24/09! 

It felt like yesterday I was writing my turning 21 post! Turning 21 I was very scared...didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, whether certain choices then were the right ones for me....turns out they were all wrong for me! But time did it's magic and here I am better than ever! 

I was actually excited to turn 22, for many reasons, I just got a feeling 22 will be a good year for me! But also it means I can sing the famous Taylor Swift song to myself... even if I did receive many voice recordings off friends! 

When I was turning 21 the thought of growing old scared me, the amount of breakdowns I had was unreal! But this year I learnt/realised that everyone grows old and that's why you have to cherish every moment! Even now the thought of growing old scares me but i'm accepting it a lot more and doing things that will benefit me....

On my actual birthday it was an early start as I started my MBA which this is said but i'm looking forward to the research....ask me again in 6 months time? 

Bit of a ramble but I mind it mind-blowing that 3 years ago on my 19th birthday I was starting my undergrad degree and here I am 3 years later turning 22 and starting my MBA! I will in the future do a post all about MBA etc because i'm getting a lot of questions about it which needs to be a whole post in itself! 

So yeh my birthday start was early, I got ready then I could hear my parents calling me through to their room, where there was a balloon, cards and a gift bag. 

Off all family members I received money, as i'm at that age where people struggle to buy for me! But my parents did extremely per! 

I received: 

Thortntons classic collection chocolates...which i'm eating currently writing this...yeh diet is starting next week! 

Mario Badescu Brightening Regimen kit...individual review coming soon

Little gold stud earrings...I think I've mentioned this many times but i'm allergic to silver earrings, so my mum (& dad but it's always a mum thing!) is re-building my collection. 

My main present was such a thoughtful one! It was a Clogau being Welsh, I love supporting brands that Welsh inspired! It is called the Fairy Locket and as the name suggests it's a locket with a fairy inside...the locket is in a heart shape with a rose gold fairy inside. What I found interesting is that this necklace is inspired by ancient tales of Welsh fairies, this is what Clogau say about it 'hanging freely and enclosed within the heart shaped locket is a rose gold fairy, protecting the wearer from harm!' Beautiful piece and actually goes with a lot of my other jewellery. 

After uni, we went to food at one of mine and my parents favourite restaurants, before ending the night with prosecco and cake! 

It's now time to update my age and what i'm doing on my blog! 

Thank you for reading! 


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