Sunday 28 August 2016

Kiko Haul

About a week ago I placed an order from Kiko it all started off with buying their new coco blush duo but then when I got to the checkout their was a minimum spend of £25 and this is how we ended up with a haul!

I'm not going to talk much about their new coco blush duo as i'm saving that for a whole new post so keep your eyes peeled!

After I realised I had a minimum spend I added 2 eye products and a lipstick to my basket.

Starting with the lipstick I picked up one of the Smart lipsticks in the shade sugar pink 919, it's a beautiful pink colour which goes with every makeup look and is very moisturising.

The 2 eye products I picked up were metallic shine eye shadow in the shade 06 and then one of the long lasting eyeshadow in the famous 208 shade!

Starting with the metallic shine eye shadow in 06 it's a beautiful taupe colour it's super soft and buttery it's a great all over colour or even to deeper an eye look.

Then theres the famous 208 I definitely had high expectations with this one as everyone raves about it and it's definitely worth the rave! Firstly packaging gets a thumbs up as it comes with a mirror in the compact! It's a beautiful gold shade with a little bit of shimmer combined, this is a gorgeous lid colour to give some light to your eyes or even as a highlighter because it catches the sun beautifully!

When ever your next at a kiko counter you have to pick up 208 as you won't be disappointed! Thank you for reading this bonus post, hope you have a great Sunday!



  1. Great post, love the look of your blog hun! I found you through Bloglovin. I have a KIKO that's opened up near me and haven't been in yet - so thanks for sharing! xx

    1. Aww thank you! You need to go they do some little gems xx


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