Tuesday 24 April 2018

OUAI Haircare

So for Christmas I received the on my Ouai haircare set and i've just got round to really testing all the products out so I thought i would share my impressions. 

First what is OUAI?

Ouai haircare started becoming big this time last year the brand is owned by hair stylists Jen Atkin who is famous for the Kardashian's hair. 

What does the set include? 

The set includes: 'Wherever you’re going, OUAI Haircare’s On My Ouai collection features four of the brand’s favourites for repairing, rehydrating and refreshing in convenient travel sizes. Dry Shampoo offers an instant refresh in a flash, Texturizing Hair Spray provides serious root boost and cool-girl texture, Smooth Spray conditions, fights frizz and detangles and – last but certainly not least – Treatment Masque Packettes provide a perfectly portable way to treat your tresses. United in a limited edition transparent carry-on case, this is just right for the jet setters – whether you’re no stranger to a transatlantic hop or better known for occasionally waking up in a stranger’s bed.' ( Source Cult Beauty) The set also costs £35.00

Smooth Spray 

The smooth spray retails for £22.00 for 137ml, it's suppose hydrate the hair while detangling. My thoughts on this product is that it does help to brush knotted hair but you have to be careful as it can make the roots greasy. The way I like to apply this is by pumping a few pumps into my palm then rub into the ends of my hair. 

Dry Shampoo

The dry shampoo retails for £20 for 130g, I don't need to say what a dry shampoo is suppose to do because we all know but this product was awful, it did nothing. 

Texturising Spray

The texturising spray retails for £22 for 130g, this is a very hyped up product from OUAI, it does left the hair and give some texture but for the price I didn't see the big deal. 

Treatment Masque 

The masque comes in little sachets so perfect for travelling, it retails for £25.00 you get 8 x 9ml sachets but in each sachet comes a lot of product so could save half for another time. I'm not usually a hair masque girl as I find them a pain in the bum to leave on but it left my hair feeling silky smooth and nourished. I would highly recommend this product. 

Overall I think I need try more products from Ouai to get more of an impression but so far my favourites are the treatment masque and textures spray. 
Have you tried anything from this brand? 

Thank you for reading

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