Tuesday 7 November 2017

Does Having a Pet Mean Spending too Much Money?

Today's post is slightly different to my usual content, it's all about as the title suggests Does Having a Pet Mean Spending too Much Money? I love animals and have pets myself so this is close to my heart, especially with Christmas coming up people start to struggle finically and this when more pets are put for adoption, sad right? To talk about money saving tips on this topic i've brought in a guest, welcome Mary! Who will be discussing the topic and has created a brilliant infographic to help you all, i'm now going to pass you over to her!

Does Having a Pet Mean Spending too Much Money?
No, it doesn’t! Apply the same money-saving practices to your pet that you do to yourself and your family. Compare prices, eat out less, decide which health care needs are vital and you’re on the way.
Ways to Save on Pet Food
You won’t save by buying cheap food for your cat or dog. As she ages, that cheap food will affect her health. Look for high-quality foods and buy those. Or make your own cat or dog food. Learn which nutrients are mandatory and find tasty recipes.
Do Your Homework First
Whether you’re looking for a vet, pet food or a good groomer, inquire around before choosing. You should learn about the medications your pet needs and, after discussing with your vet, choose what you feel is best.
Saving on Vaccinations
Choose only those vaccines your pet needs. Rabies vaccines are mandatory across the U.S. If your pet is an indoors-only pet, she may not need shots for FeLV or FIV. Decide after talking with your vet.
Finding Pet Insurance
Pet insurance is becoming almost as necessary as human health insurance. Vets and their services aren’t cheap, so get online and start making side-by-side inquiries. Choose a plan that will save money, even if your pet needs vet care.
Snip Your Pet’s Fertility Early
Not only will you save on unanticipated pregnancies, you’ll also protect your pet against certain diseases caused by hormones. Check regulations in your community—by spaying or neutering your pet, their pet license may cost less.
Save Bucks on Grooming
Pet grooming is an expensive item in your budget. If you’d rather see that money go elsewhere, learn to groom your pet! Brush her teeth, trim her fur, clip her claws and clean her ears yourself. Doing so enables you to detect signs of illness early.
Save some significant cash by trading off services with some friends. If they can’t groom their pet, do that for them. In return, ask them to do something for you, such as making a homemade cat or dog food, or caring for your pet while you’re away.
Fun Exercise
Playing in your yard or at the park brings you and your pet closer together. The exercise is free and you’ll both get a good workout. Use old items at home to make toys for them. Cats love boxes and small items to bat around. Sock-tug toys are popular as well.

Easy to read but informative, right? Thank you Mary for just an amazing post, I hope you have all learnt something from this post! And just because it's an expensive time of the year don't think you have to give your pet up! You might not realise this but your their whole life!

Thank you for reading

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