Tuesday 4 July 2017

Places I Would Love To Visit

If you never saw in last's weeks post I talked about my bucket list (read here) and today I thought I would share the places I would love to visit. I am going to split them into two categories; Long Haul and Short Haul, again i've narrowed them down to 10 in each category but let's be honest we all know there's more!

Long Haul
  1. Australia: I worked with a girl (around my age) for about a year, she had two jobs and everyone was wondering why she had two jobs and in the end it turned out she was saving to travel around the world! It turns out her and her boyfriend have decided to stay out in Australia! The point is I follow her on instagram and the pictures are insane!
  2. Caribbean: My parent's have visited the Caribbean a few times and always rave about it!
  3. Maldives: We've all seen it on the tv, people's Youtube and deep down we all really want to visit there
  4. Canada: There's something about Canada that just pulls me in
  5. Africa: I think this is on here because my bucket list includes a safari!
  6. Los Angeles: who doesn't want to walk down Sunset Boulevard and see the Hollywood sign!
  7. New York: A classic right?
  8. Las Vegas: I wouldn't stay here for long but it is somewhere, that I would to visit
  9. Fiji: The beaches just WOW
  10. Sri Lanka: Again like Africa I think this one is on here because I would love to go an elephant orphanage.
Short Haul

  1. Iceland: Just for Northern lights!
  2. Gothenburg Sweden: Josie from Fashion Mumblr really sold Sweden to me
  3. Venice Italy
  4. Verona Italy: Romeo and Juliet nothing else to say
  5. Copenhagen: I have wanted to go here for the longest time!
  6. Berlin: Berlin wall right?
  7. Prague: Because I have visited Vienna everyone says I need to go here
  8. Bruges Belgium: My boss always goes to Brussels but I think Bruges is more my cup of tea
  9. Zurich Switzerland: I don't know why but I always want to go
  10. Barcelona: Who would want to go there.
There's my top ten places that I would love to visit, where would you love to visit?

Thank you for reading!

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