Friday 26 October 2018

Let's Talk About The MoonCup

Firstly can I first apologise about not posting last Friday and this Tuesday, my assignments are due in very soon and I just got a bit sidetrack. Anyway moving on, I am back with a more chatty post, talking about the MoonCup....I'm going to jump straight in as this could be a long post.

What is it? 
The Moon Cup is one of many menstrual cups which are designed to collect menstrual flow.

£21...yes that's expensive but you will save in the long run.

There's two sizes A and B depending on age and whether you've given birth.

My Thoughts
So the reason I purchased the moon cup in the first place was due to a couple of reasons; firstly a year or so ago I changed to cotton tampons instead of regular ones, due to the safety reasons/environment but I find them really difficult to get hold of so I got lazy I went back to the normal ones which is not good for the body nor environment but what actually pushed me was down to this plastic issue...i'm not going to ramble on too much about that as we are all aware of it. 

So just before my last period I headed down to Boots and purchased the Moon Cup...yes they are terrifying, you start questioning whether it is even go to work. Without too much detail, I started my period so wacked out the moon cup, after following the instructions and a few attempts later, the moon cup was securely in...until I realised I hadn't snipped the stem to a comfortable length. 

The stem is purely there for removing purposes but you have to snip the stem to the comfortable but easy to hold level...everyone will be once I did that, I was good to go.

They say you can leave the cup in for 4-8 hours, so time ticked by and it was time to remove and rinse etc. Quick mention it says on the box but all you is remove moon cup, pour away, rinse then go again. 
When I first removed it i'm not going to lie it was a shock but nothing awful just a wasn't expecting that moment.So I did the cleaning process and went again. I had no problems until I was half way through my period.....

I woke up one morning and off I went to remove etc until I realised it went let's just say for a walk.....I have never panicked so much in all my life...I actually thought I was going to hospital. After a bit of googling to see if it was normal (FYI it is!) I realised I must of pushed it a tiny bit to far so everyone's advice was just to forget, go away relax and try again later...which is what I did and thank the lord I must of relaxed and I was able to reach it. 

Other than that time I haven't had any leakage nothing, I can easily go about my day without worrying. 

Did I feel it?

At first yes but you get used to/figure out where is comfortable for you etc what I would say is was once my period had finished and I stopped using it, for the first day and a half I did feel a bit strange, as I was so used to having something there...but again bit of googling and it's normal.

The Afterwards
So once your period comes again you just boil it for 7-9 minutes no chemicals! 

I would highly recommend the Moon Cup, I personally think if we all make a change then we're helping the environment and in the long run save money!

Now I know other parts of the world have more variety of menstrual cups but here in the UK we only have two options Moon Cup and Kind Cup, the Kind cup is relatively new but I will be purchasing to see if there's a difference etc. 

Thank you for reading


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