Sunday 9 September 2018

Skincare Sunday | Mario Badescu Eye Makeup Remover Cream

Today's Skincare Sunday as suggested is a makeup remover, i've expressed this many times, I love trying makeup removers, I don't know why I just do.... so let's see how this one got on...

What does the product claim:

The product claims too... 'Simple and gentle, Mario Badescu's Eye Make Up Remover Cream is a quick, convenient gel-like cream that removes all eye make-up including waterproof mascara' (source Beauty Bay)


£7.50 for 60ml


Basic white plastic tub with green writing. 

Where to purchase: 

Here in the UK you can purchase Mario Badescu on Beauty Bay and Urban Outfitters. 

Overall Opinion

I used this as the first step in my evening skincare routine, my applying a pea size amount massaging all over the face then getting a warm damp flannel and removing. It removed the base makeup well but when it came to eye makeup, it couldn't remove it for some reason, it just stayed lump on the eye lids. It wasn't an easy or pleasant experience so for that reason would not recommend. 

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