Friday 14 September 2018

Glossier Lidstar

So i'm back with another Glossier review, this time with the mixed opinions of Lidstar. 

Glossier Lidstar is their version of an eyeshadow but in liquid/cream form...this is what they say about the product; ' Lidstar lights up eyes with a wash of soft, glistening color that lasts all day. The effect comes from a delicate proportion of ultrafine multicolor pearls suspended with coated pigments in a buttery base for the silkiest, most blendable formula. To apply, dab doe foot applicator onto clean lids and use fingertips to shape. The cream dries down to a sheer veil, locking onto lids with no creasing (no need for primer). It’s one-step eye enhancement you can do every day.' (Source Glossier)

There is 6 shades and they retail for £15.00, which in my opinion is a tiny bit pricey. 

The packaging I am a fan of, I find it very fun and unique. It reminds me of test can see the product inside. The applicator is doe foot, which on first application was a strange feeling, hard to get used too. 

The shade I went for was Fawn which is described as a cool, smoky taupe with violet and neutral gold pearls. 

I tried using this product in two ways, the first way which they say to use is blend with finger and secondly I decided to try with a brush. 

The pictures below show the application

Left eye was the recommended application and right was brush application
You can see the difference in application and how the brush application just didn't work....

Using a brush went terribly just removed the colour off the lid. I would say the only time to use a brush is maybe to blend out the edges, otherwise stick with the dabbing application. 

Below is the final eye situation:

I wasn't sure I was going to love this product as I did hear mix views but honestly I love it. It's an instant smoky eye, perfect for lazy applications or the girl who can't do a dramatic smoky eye....which don't worry I am in this category. 

I usually don't get a long with cream eye formula's as I find they wear off but trust me when I say it didn't budge. On my first day of trying this product, I received some bad news, I was crying my eyes out, all of my makeup moved but my eyelids and all I had on was Glossier Lidstar...there was no primer, nothing...just purely this product. It stayed on until I tried removing it, so definitely stood the test of time!

Highly recommend this product! And i'm actually thinking about ordering some more!

Thank you for reading

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