Wednesday 22 August 2018

Take A Snoop Inside Longchamp Le Pliage Shopper

I haven't done a 'what's inside my handbag' in forever so when I purchased a new current everyday bag, I knew I had to do this traditional post. 

Let's talk about the bag itself

So my current everyday bag is the Longchamp Le Pilage Shopper, it's in the larger size and navy. This will be the bag I also use for my masters, as you can fit so much in but still looks very stylish....practical. Has two large tan shoulder straps, which makes the bag very comfortable to carry. Easy to keep clean as it is nylon material. 
The bag was £80 so middle of the road. 
The bag make comes in many sizes and a wide variety of colours. 
You can purchase the bag here.


Without anything inside the bag, the bag can lose it's shape a fair bit so I purchased this bag organiser off Bay for £4, it keeps everything organised and keeps the bag looking structured. 

At the moment I don't carry a lot on me as i'm not in uni but the only difference would be my MacBook and a pencil case. 
What I carry at the moment is:
- Car Keys/ House Keys
- Spare Pen
- Mulberry Purse
-Burberry Card holder
- Wet Brush
-Sure Deodorant
- Makeup bag with tampons, perfume sample, makeup etc
- Cinema tickets as I went to see Christopher Robin yesterday and wow you have to see it! 

That's everything I carry in my bag, I love this bag, I wish I purchased it a lot sooner! Highly recommend such a stylish and practical bag. 

Thank you for reading

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